The Character Of Brutus In Shakespeare's Julius Caesar

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Brutus was born 85 BC in the town of Macedonia. His full name is Marcus Junius Brutus, he was also called Quintus Caepio Brutus. His parents were Marcus Juniors and Servilius Brutus. Macedonia Brutus was adopted by his uncle Servilius Caepio .But he grow up with his other uncle which was uncle Cato. Cato raised Brutus and Cato also inspired Brutus with the principles of tolerance. Brutus’s character is made very complicated by his dramatic hypocrisy.
Basically Brutus was trying to follow in his uncle Cato foot steps. In the 50’s he prevented pompey increased power of Caesar’s takeover of Italy in the 49’s. Brutus wants to kill Julius Caesar really bad because he was worried Caesar will knock down the republic and it was for the good of Rome
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Caesar decided he was city praetor in 44 with Gaius cassias Longinus and he name Brutus and Cassius in advance as consuls for the 41. Brutus and Cato’s daughter parcia got married after her father death.
In Brutus early Career he was picked to be quaestor. Now that he is quaestor, he now uses the financial magistracy of a roman legislator has to hold on when he started his profession. Brutus was the one that was responsible for all the taxes in a region called Cilicia. That’s where his father-in-laws was the governor, so basically he used every little chance he could get out of them and went as far as he could with it so the army of Cilicia to sole accounts in Cyprus. `When Caesar’s civil war broke out in 49BC between the pompey and Caesar, Brutus followed his old rival and the present leader of the rival and the present leader of the rival pompey when the big fight of Pharsalus begun on the day of August 19, Caesar told his officers to take away Brutus prisoner if he gave himself up welling but to leave him alone and do him no trouble if he continues in fighting against being capture .when the assassination there was 60 something senators involved in the idea of killing Caesar and they all promised to keep it secret . Because a lot of the senators began to get scared of the power he was growing power to his appointment dictator. They had it set in their mind that Caesar was going to die one way or another before he gained any more power to

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