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Theories of communication Bruce Tuckman Bruce Tuckman has a theory which contains of four stages; these are forming, storming, norming and performing. His theory is about group development. The first stage is forming, this is when a group is reliant on one particular leader, if the leader is not there and someone else tries to take charge then the confusion starts. The leader makes sure every individual is aware of their role, if the leader does not make them aware, then their roles

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Individuals will make decisions for themselves however the leader will have some agreement, some disagreements may still occur however are quickly resolved amongst the group positively and the necessary changes can be made. The team is able to work towards achieving the target goal, and also to attend to relationship, style and process issues along the way. Team members look after each other and work progressively without assistance from the leader except for personal and interpersonal development.

Michael Argyle
Michael Argyle’s communication cycle has six stages. The concept of a ‘communication cycle’ makes it clear that, in order to have effective communication, it must be a two way process. The first part is transferring messages to others in a specific, obvious way; health care professionals must be able to respond to the verbal feedback as well as the non-verbal feedback. So, effective communication has to involve effort from both participators both the sender as well as the receiver in the communication. For example in convocation the person speaking must be able to send a clear message and able to understand the response in order for the communication to be effective, if the message was not clear or understood then the communication would be un-successful. Stage one is when ideas occur, this makes us think and assess the situation that we are in and clarify it is appropriate before we start to communicate. We need to think about what we are trying to say,
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