Bronfenbrenner's Theory Of Parenting Essay

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I learned a number of things when it comes to temperament. I learned that you are born with a set of temperaments. You can’t get rid of it but you can manage them. (Kurcinka, 2006, p.37) A spirited temperament is not a disorder. It is only when the temperament becomes more than it already is and many different strategies, guidance techniques have not worked, or your child is struggling in school, losing it with simple demands, etc. (Kurcinka, 2006, p. 19-20) Parenting needs to be molded by temperament. If a parent tries to make their child into a “perfect child”, they are going to be frustrated because they won’t be. When you add a child with a spirited temperament to the equation, the parent will be more upset and negative towards the child. The best thing for parents to do is …show more content…
4) Parents need to assess their temperament too because it determines how they will more than likely interact with their child and how they will discipline the child. If a parent mood is very serious and their child is very loud when playing, that may lead to the parent yelling at the children to be quiet. The environment definitely shapes it. Bronfenbrenner says in his theory that many interactions in your environment shape your development. With temperament, that is definitely the case. For example, an infant who is exposed to verbal marital conflicts, that child will more than likely experience lots of withdrawal and distress to new things. This definitely brings the level of their normal temperament higher. (Bridgett et al., 2009 p.106) A child who is temperamentally active, not only likes to move but needs to move. You can’t tell them to sit for a love time and not move. You have to help them redirect that energy. (Kurcinka, 2006, p. 38) As a parent, you need to be mindful in the earliest stages of your child’s life and that is at infancy. The sooner you focus on your child’s temperament, the better you can provide the right guidance and

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