Bronfenbrenner Ecological Theory

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Lesbian women encounter different consequences in various regions of the United States while disclosing their sexual identity. For instance, the Midwest and Southern states are difficult areas to live openly as a person who identify themselves as LGBT. Disclosure and non-disclosure of one’s sexual identity can be difficult for lesbian women because they think about the severity of the consequences. If lesbian women resides in a region that values heterosexual identity only, then she may encounter severe consequences of disclosing her sexual identity. Researchers used Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological theory in this study to provide a conceptual understanding of the environment of lesbian women. Bronfenbrenner’s theory is consisted of four systems: Microsystem, mesosystem, exosystem, and macrosystem. The microsystem is a system in which the individuals interact with family members, schools, churches and other groups (van Dam, 2014). Next, the mesosystem includes the interaction between the microsystems. The exosystem includes a domain in which an individual is influenced indirectly such as social support through …show more content…
Demographic variables. Researchers collected information regarding employment status, income, and age. State legal support score variable. The state support score is a variable in which indicates the legal protection and rights that each state has provided for the lesbian women participants in this study such as school anti-bullying laws, hate crime laws, marriage equality or employment laws and policies. Since most states laws have degrees of protection, every state was awarded points for each laws and policies ranged from 0-2. The total points ranged from zero to

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