Broke Movie Analysis

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ESPN’s documentary “Broke” in the 30 for 30 series uncovers the unfortunate truth about professional athletes’ inability to control their finances. It was originally written in 2012 to either prove or disprove Sports Illustrated’s report which stated 60 percent of NBA players and over 70 percent of NFL players file for bankruptcy within five years post-retirement. ESPN did in fact prove this staggering statistic. The glamourous thoughts that all professional athletes are wealthy, high-rolling celebrities that children and adults alike yearn to be has proven to be a façade. That is not to say that every athlete is financial incompetent or living on a dwindling bank account. The superstars of each league who make healthy salaries along with endorsements are normally able …show more content…
Firstly, the problem of investing in start-up businesses after being approached by either businessmen, friends or family is a common trap. The film states that only one out of ten business plans of this sort end up returning the initial amount lent. Also, agents and financial advisors have been known to steal money because they are completely entrusted to pay for all expenses and the athlete may not see how much money goes in and out of their bank account. The film states the case of NFL agent William Black who was found guilty of stealing “14 million dollars from athletes he represented” (“Broke”). The athletes in this case are victims of a crime, but the fact cannot be overlooked that they were complacent with their finances. If these athletes would have taken any responsibility in their financial matters, they would have caught any disappearing funds. William Black serves as a testament as to why athletes are unfit to earn and possess such large amounts of money; they simply cannot handle the perceived

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