Essay on British Airways

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The world today has evolved in numerous ways thanks to the many inventions and discoveries, but few have changed the way people live and experience the world as deeply as the invention of the airplane. The industry has progressed to the point where now it would be impossible to think of life without air travelling (for developed countries). Thanks to this, long distances have been somehow ‘shortened' hence altering people's concept of distance. As well, making it possible for individuals to start and conduct businesses in places that were once never thought of.
Air travelling is obviously considered as a very large industry: socially, economically, and politically. It is continuing to expand and has been
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For BA one of their most important goals is to maintain the good customer relationship, ‘their customers help them and BA helps their customers', like the idea of the use of "air miles". The more you use BA the more air miles you get to use only on BA airlines, this way BA can always keep their customers loyal because they will keep coming back to get more mileage and then a good old discount.
BA also has many other goals set for the future that they will be achieving because their plans are enormous and the potential and ambition is even greater. The company announced its long haul flying program for the summer 2003 season, which will reflect the airline's drive to maximize it's revenue on profitable routes, also reduce its cost base and work its assets harder. There will always be seven additional weekly flights between Heathrow and Chicago added next year plus five additional weekly flights between Heathrow and Newark, New York, not only that but three additional weekly flights between Heathrow and Toronto and three additional weekly flights between Gatwick and Houston. Services from Heathrow to Houston, which currently operate via Washington, will operate via Chicago. Flights to Melbourne via Singapore will also increase from five per week to a daily service.
On South American routes, the airline's daily service to Rio de Janeiro via Sao Paulo will reduce to four flights per week. A non-stop service to Buenos Aires, which operates three times per week, will

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