Britannia Case Study

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Britannia is leading brand in Food Corporation which is established in 1892 in Kolkata. It has two brands of biscuits i.e. Britannia and Tiger. The company sells many products like bis-cuits, bread, Rusk, cakes and dairy products. The venture started by Gupta brothers and the name of the company was " V.S. Brothers" . The Britannia Biscuit Company Limited was launched when C.H. Holmes made the partnership with V.S. Brothers. In 1924 the Mumbai Company was established. The company got a great opportunity during the 2nd world war when there was a large demand of food. In 1972 the company got the name." Britannia Industries Li-mited". It has
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Their products are very tasty and people like it very much. Hence initial pull is created directly by the product. Nowadays company cannot exist without promotions and advertising. Same is in the case of Britannia. Advertising spends for Britannia are much controlled because of the brand equity of Britannia products and the presence of the brand for almost a century in the Indian market. The company uses most of the usual methods of advertising, including billboards, magazines, TV advertisement and point of purchase advertising. BIL hired Salman Khan to endorse its Tiger range of products. The popular Bollywood actor promotes the core values of the Tiger brand range because of his own dashing style and personality. Britannia has high advertising spends for products like Good day and Bourbon which are almost stars for the Britannia brand. Britannia has enough brand and clout in the market, because of its constant presence in the last few dec-ades, that its product receive a natural pull from the …show more content…
The com-pany has transformed itself from being a primarily a biscuit company into other bakery products & dairy.Biscuits which is the largest contributor to top line at 75% has witnessed an industry wide trend shift and demand pattern towards the value added cream & cookies segment which has seen continuous rise in demand.

Biscuit is estimated to be the largest ready to eat food business in India growing at 12%-14% over last three years. The additional marketing activity has only led to more visibility for the category and helped to maintain the growth momentum. The company has over last 3-4 years done the innovations in its product portfolio in all ways such as Pricing, Packaging and entry into new segments.

Innovation has been focused on growing its segments with the base of health and nutri-tion. The company has over the years innovated its product portfolio so as to command pricing premium in the market. BIL has increased its advertisement expenditure as well to strengthen its brands and leverage on the same to launch new

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