Britain 's Influence On American Colonies Essay

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During the late 1800s, Britain began to augment its presence in its American colonies, but with pressing domestic issues, only minimal attention was initially paid to the colonies. Due to this, inhabitants of the colonies proceeded with their everyday lives, and developed separately from the intentions of the mother country, beginning anew their own way. They are British colonies, but because of their geographical location and foundation, they were free of the harsh rule. However, seeing the colonies as a source of additional income, Britain began to tax and use the abundance of vital resources and commodities located across the Atlantic. The set of taxation laws for example set against the colonists persuaded them to no longer continue with British mercantilism. The colonies wanted freedom from the ruling island: not the ideological freedom of thought but economic freedom. The colonies were founded to serve Britain, and with no real protection from their mother country coupled with horrendous taxation, the colonies were by themselves and isolated. With pressing economic acts, including the Iron Act, Stamp Act, and Sugar Act, hurting their lives, the colonists were motivated to start the American Revolution. The economic concerns voiced by the colonists, with no acknowledgement from the British, reached a climax because of Britain’s unjust supremacy: the American Revolution.
Great Britain redirected the economic growth of the colonies to better its own interests, and…

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