Essay on Bring On More Immigrant Entrepreneurs

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In Bring on More Immigrant Entrepreneurs, Shayan Zadeh discusses his and his future business partner, Alex Mehr’s citizenship in America, to later cofound Zoosk together. Zadeh begins giving his family background that leads up to when he went to school to study computer science at Sharif University of Technology is Tehran, where he soon met his business partner. He then continues to discuss his difficulties of granting citizenship into America, and how hard it was to create their idea of Zoosk. He then ends the commentary with how many jobs and the amount of money immigrants can bring into America through jobs that are like the ones Zoosk has created. The author dictates his article as a narration. He tells his background that then leads up to the purpose on why he wrote this article. One of his purposes is to tell all the different obstacles he had to overcome in order to become the entrepreneur he is today. Many of the obstacles were like how he had to obtain a school visa along with a work visa to do any of the things he wanted to accomplish in America. His attitude towards the whole issue was optimistic, but at times he was confused by the way America runs its legal system. As he stated, “But I’m baffled by the fact that we are turning away the skilled masses that are hungry only for work, even as our economy remains stagnant,” (1056) sums up the whole reason why he wrote this commentary so people could see the issue from an immigrant’ perspective, like himself.…

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