Briar Was Delivered By Dr. Louise Essay

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Briar Anne Strickland was born on February 11, 2015 to Jimmy Dell Strickland and Sarah Anne Jackson Strickland. This gorgeous, precious baby-girl was born five pounds, thirteen ounces in weight and nineteen inches in length. Briar was delivered by Dr. Louise Freeman in Novant Health Presbyterian Hospital’s maternity ward and both mother and daughter were discharged the next day- February 12, 2015. A year later, Briar Anne was a beautiful, bright-eyed young girl and her parents are so blessed to have her in their lives.
After having begun to strengthen her upper body muscles, specifically those in her neck, Briar learned to hold her head steady at about four months. From there, she continued to progress to rolling over from her back to her stomach and vice versa at approximately twenty-two weeks old. Briar’s mother and father made sure that she spent plenty of time laying on her front so as to become accustomed to the new position. Moreover, they readily encouraged movements such as ‘swimming’ in the air with her arms, rocking on her stomach, kicking, and completing ‘miniature push-ups.’ Briar then graduated to crawling about the Strickland home around eight months after her birth. She started with simply the ‘commando crawl,’ in which she shuffled across the floor on her stomach, but quickly began to balance herself on her hands and knees and move about that way. At about the same time interval- eight months old- Briar also learned to sit up unsupported. Soon after…

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