Breastfeeding Vs. Formula Feeding Essay

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Breastfeeding v. Formula Feeding

Mothers have been breastfeeding their children for hundreds of years. In these times bottle feeding is being looked at as a more convenient and easier way to feed the baby. Bottle Feeding is neglecting a child of the important vitamins and nutrients it takes to thrive in the world. Breastfeeding is the best natural choice for mothers to do for their babies. They need to proteins in the milk that helps them form a defense against the diseases that plague this earth. Breastfeeding helps women deal with their child and create a bond that only mother and child who breastfed will know. Breastfeeding is superior to formula feeding because it benefits the child and mother both physically and mentally.

In the earliest stages of life a baby has always been dependant on it’s mother, even in the womb. It is up to the mother to take on the responsibility of taking care of their baby to the best of their ability, and one way a mother does that is by breastfeeding. Breast milk holds antibodies that help strengthen the baby’s immune system to start fighting off harmful diseases. This antibody filled liquid is called colostrum, some call it liquid gold for its color. Colostrum is filled with proteins and vitamins that a vital for a child’s immune system. Not only does it help with the immune system but it lessens the risk of the baby developing respiratory problems and asthma. Breastfeeding works the jaw muscles and the rooting reflex which helps…

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