Breastfeeding Is Recognized As The Best Source Of Natural Nutrition For Most Infants

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Breastfeeding is recognized as the best source of natural nutrition for most infants. It provides all the energy and nutrients that the infant needs for the first months of life. It continues to provide up to half or more of a child’s nutritional needs during the second half of the first year. Breastfeeding offers numerous health benefits to both the mother and infant. The infant continues to reap the many benefits of being breastfed well into adulthood. Breastfeeding lowers rates of developing various chronic diseases in adulthood. Breastfeeding reduces childhood mortality and it is recommended to initiate breastfeeding within the first hour of life. Breastfeeding provides children with a nutrition head start for success in life and even encourages bonding between mother and infant. Yet, there are women who choose to not breastfeed. Johnson, Kirk, Rosenblum, and Muzik (2014) reported that African American mothers have the lowest breastfeeding rates and this may be a substantial contributor to the origins of health disparities among African Americans across their lifetime. African American mothers are the least likely ethnic population to choose breastfeeding as an option for infant feeding. Breastfeeding is identified as a health disparity in African American women. Cottrell and Detman (2013) found that African American women have lower breastfeeding initiation rates (59.7%) than White (77.7%) or Hispanic (80.6%) mothers. African American women also have a…

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