Breastfeeding In Public Essay

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With roughly 7 billion people inhabiting our planet, it should not be a shock that there are many hungry infants looking to be fed at the exact moment someone decides to head into the city for lunch or a shopping trip. Breastfeeding in public is a hot topic on the should you or should you not scale, and many are in favor for it not being allowed. Choosing to ignore the advantages it can give to a child, quite a few see public feeding to be wrong and distracting and ask for women to not do it. With breastfeeding shown to be highly beneficial towards the development of babies, why are people so against it being done in plain view? Some believe the act of a woman pulling out her breast in public to be lewd. Others think that a woman breastfeeding in public is an invitation to stare, and that if said woman does not like the looks, she should not be feeding …show more content…
With America having one of the lowest breastfeeding rates, you have to question why with around 85 million mothers in America, that is the case (Caumont). Some mothers are busy working or going back to school, others find breastfeeding painful, some are unable to produce milk, and a surprising few are turned off by the idea that others will judge them for doing so outside of the comfort of their homes. Breastfeeding is often seen as taboo because women need to expose their breasts in order for it to happen. Many men and even a few women see this a lewd act either because they do not want to witness it, or because they do not want their children to. While most mothers see this as a natural, maternal act, some men such as a Republican lawmaker from New Hampshire in 2015, see this as sexual. The man, Josh Moore, thought if women should be allowed to show their nipples in public because breastfeeding is natural, that men should be able to grab those nipples because it is also

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