Breastfeeding In Public Analysis

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Free the Nipple II: Breastfeeding in Public
“For you will nurse and be satisfied at her comforting breasts; you will drink deeply and delight in her overflowing abundance” (Isaiah 11) Nowhere in the Bible does it say breastfeeding is something to be looked down at, on the contrary, breastfeeding is introduced as a comforting situation not a stressful one for both the mother and infant. Even though some people think exposing breast in public is morally wrong, people should not see public breastfeeding as a wrong doing because infants who are breastfed have a less tendency to get sick and most important of all breastfeeding is part of nature.
Who in their right mind can compare a mother breastfeeding an infant with an ordinary woman flashing
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Attorney Tracey M. DiLascio states, “… public perception of female breasts transformed from food source to sexual object through the proliferation of war-era pin-up girls and magazines such as Playboy” (3). The sift of perspective from feeding breast to fun to look at breast comes from media and one’s own twisted mind. Humanity itself has taken things to a whole new level by interpreting situations based on what they have seen in the past. The word breast or boobs by itself automatically is associated with any kind of sexual activity, specially in the mind of men. When you connect the dots; seeing any type of sexual activity or even have had experienced it in the past and seeing or hearing the word breast like in breastfeeding it will consequently lead to an immoral thought. Which then leads to public requesting modesty and consideration towards them as stated by Counterpoint: Breast Feeding Should be Private, “… seeing a woman breastfed in public makes …show more content…
Seeing a child running around free of medical complications is something worth fighting for. No parent wants to see their child suffering with pain and sadness caused by a simple ear infection. Colostrum, what initially is ejected from breast is a rich protein saturated with antibodies. Colostrum paired with milk do more than nourish the baby, they help protect the infant from infections (VanPutte, Regan, and Russo 1091). It is amazing how a mother’s body instinctively creates a way to protect its offspring. Shaming mothers for public breastfeeding their children takes away the opportunity for a child to possibly live a longer and happy life. Not only does milk help an infant survive its first years of life but it also helps children’s health in the long run, “public health officials point to breastfeeding as an important factor in fighting against obesity, asthma, and childhood illnesses” (USDA Food 5). Informing the public about health benefits from breastfeeding can change minds. No person would want to be in the shoes of worried parents when their child’s health is in jeopardy. Parents will take even the slightest chance they have to secure their child’s health for example breastfeeding. Public has to try and think like a parent, what if the roles were reversed? Would that person be happy with being denied the opportunity to secure their child’s health just because the public is not ethically and scholarly

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