Breastfeeding For Infant Nutrition And Enrichment Essay

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Breastfeeding has slowly again become the staple of health for infant nutrition and enrichment. In the past breast milk was the basic diet available to infants but throughout time the advances in formula, ease of access, and availability surpassed the breastfeeding craze. Now though, as more studies and the publication of these studies have taken place it has become apparent that formula is not the best available nourishment. Many large health organizations, such as the World Health Organization and the United States Department of Health and Human Services have published articles stating breastmilk alone far outshines any commercial grade formula on the market. A mother’s milk is individually crafted for their infant. Breastfeeding has associated with reduction of rates of obesity of mother and infant to the possible increase in IQ scores for the child later in life. Within the experience alongside the lactation consultant a large amount of stress was placed on the benefits of breastfeeding. The consultant acted as a patient advocate just as a RN but placed more importance on the right technique of either breastfeeding, pumping, or formula feedings. The most surprising finding while shadowing the consult was the large quantity of patients that even had prior children but did not know how to correctly position of latch a newborn. Much of the patient base were bothered by the thought of not having produced enough milk within the first week postpartum. They were unaware of…

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