Essay on Breaking Protocol : Benefits For Both Parties

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Despite the clear facts that the oncologist would be breaking protocol, benefits for both parties could arise from giving this drug to his patient. First, if indeed the drug has the effect on the girl that the researcher believes it will as she has the same genetic mutation in her tumor that responded in the rat model, then that could be a breakthrough for his project. Having high success early on could result in more funding and grants for the continuation of the trials as well as more publications. However, it is statistically unlikely that this will occur since the “average rate of successful translation from animal models to clinical cancer trials is less than 8%” (Mak, I., 2014). For the patient, it could mean getting closer to a cure or a time of remission from cancer. This is quite possibly on of the hardest parts of being a clinician: having to tell your patients that they cannot have the drug. In this case, it may be even more personal since the parents of the oncologist are both PhD researchers and close friends. It brings up the point that a physician should not hold any personal biases regarding which of his patients receive treatment or not. Since he plans on not enrolling this patient in the trial, he should not enroll any other unqualified patients in the trial. Additionally, her reaction could serve to advance the future of the drug and possibly develop additional variations based on age. It is obvious that these would be great advantages that would please…

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