Break The Cycle Of A Young Age Essay

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Break the Cycle Many people were brought up in a loving, nurturing, and affectionate household. Usually, the use of hostile punishment is frowned upon when raising children, and positive reinforcement is highly encouraged. Unfortunately, my childhood was the opposite of that. There was a lot of violent behavior, and destructive words. I grew to resent my parents. I promised myself that my own children would never experience what I went through. Experiencing violence at a young age helped me develop a rational attitude, and a zero tolerance policy for violence in my own household. The first memory of violence was vague. My father used to drink often, and when he drank he would always put my mother down with destructive words, or beat her. I was too young to grasp what was going on, but I know that I felt uncomfortable. Every time the violence occurred the room always was dark and eerie. There was always the smell of beer and cigarettes. This went on until I was six, and inevitably led to their divorce. After the divorce, things were calm for some time. It was just the calm before the storm, and things went downhill from there. Mother was a single mother, and she had two daughters who she had to take care of financially. Mother was constantly working, so we never got to see her. She met a man at work, and things were good at the beginning. He financially supported her. I remember him buying us toys, groceries, toiletries, and other household items she needed. After a while…

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