Brave New World Individuality Analysis

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Stripping of Individuality in Brave New World Brave New World takes place during the equanimous year of A.F 632, in a hatchery located in Central London. Since society had been rapidly changing due to scientific advancements, and Huxley thought that since he had such an affluent background in the sciences, he would be able to write a novel about manipulating the genetic background. Then he realized, that with the advancement of technology and applied science, not only would he be able to write about the manipulation of genetics, but also about a corrupt government that uses this concept to its’ advantage. Huxley knew that this plan was not foolproof, there must be a flaw to a perfect society and it was the exclusion of many of the worldly …show more content…
This relates to the thesis statement, because it talks about a character who questions the ideas of the World state. John is an individualistic character who challenges the ideas of religion and science, which is “stripped” from the people who live in the world state. This shows that John is an outsider, but tries to make sense of the state and the decisions it has taken to better the society. Another important aspect that portrays the stripping of identity in Brave New World is the disadvantage of not having access to any historical records. John is a very curious character that questions as to why the World State has chosen to run its people. History is important in literature and in real life because it helps people to not repeat the same mistakes. For example, John wonders why everybody can’t simply be of the same class, and that is because the world will come to an end much faster than anticipated. People will fight over what is theirs, and slowly re-rank themselves. There needs to be harmony amongst the poor, middle class, and rich, that is the only way the world can continue to co-exist. History is written down for future generations to learn from mistakes and move on from causalities in a harmonious manner that won’t cause any more

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