A Brave New World: A Comparative Analysis

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In Brave New World, the author Aldous Huxley uses the World State’s motto “Community, Identity, Stability” to show that a society built on these principles cannot succeed. The species of the World State have a pre-destined life, which is stabilized by the government. When a species are created, their job, way of thinking and role are planned for them permanently. Therefore, life in this society is unstable for the citizens. Aldous Huxely’s Brave New World and Kurt Vonnegut’s “2081” both share the common idea of government authority over individuals. Both societies express equality, but execute the belief of community differently. The World State controllers develop and condition people through hypnopedic education and pre-planned lives. The …show more content…
Brave New World uses the desires of people to try to create an idealized perfect community. Community to the modern people of America is having feelings of fellowship with others and caring for everyone. This is considered unorthodox and “smutty” in the World State. The World State promoted sex and soma to solve any problem to keep everyone happy. While in 1984, the government demotes freedom and enforces spying and dictatorial control over the people to reach a perfect community. This type of behavior is corrupt and unconstitutional in the Modern Era of America. In Brave New, everyone should explore sex as long as no one gives birth naturally. While in 1984, Winston haves sex with Julia to rebel against the Orwellian Society. Julia’s and Winston’s sexual relationship is a political act. For Julia it is a way to approach and confront the party , a way to start a revolution , she can be consider even a rebel , while for Winston, he is feeling more bliss, because he knows it is an attack to the party and he enjoys of that corruption. Brave New World’s Bernard Marx is finally at peace when he was exiled out of the World State to be with other unique individuals. 1984’s Winston was at peace when he was brainwashed into a different person to agree with the Orwellian Society. Brave New World is referred as Hypnopaedia while 1984 is referred as a Telescreen. Hynopaedia is sleep teaching and Telescreen is propaganda and spying in privacy. Both societies aim for a perfect community over individuality but the people in 1984 are controlled by constant government surveillance, secret police, and torture, but the people in Brave New World are controlled by technological

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