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Brazil is the largest country in Latin America and the fifth in the world. Brazil's economy is the most powerful in the region and has a significant impact on world markets due to highly developed agriculture, mining manufacturing and services economic sectors. Brazil is the world's largest producer of coffee and sugar cane, and one of the largest exporters of agricultural products (Business Monitor International (BMI), 2011 1st Q, pp.47-48).
This assignment is about Brasil Foods, the largest Brazilian producer of meat and dairy. Today it has leading position in almost all its domestic sectors and strengthening its presence on the global market due to its potential. The globalization provides company many
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Globalisation provides country opportunity to develop actively its economy on the global industrial and agricultural market (Business Monitor International, 2012 4th Q, p.5)
The global macroeconomic crisis can cause weakening position of Brazil on the global market due to decrease of demand on its exports.
There is big governmental concern about increasing rate of immigrants’ arrival. In 2011, the number of illegal immigrants arriving in Brazil mainly from other Latin American countries has increased by 57%. They are attracted to the country by relatively low unemployment rate, just 5.5%, which is two times lower than in the U.S. and Western Europe.
Another threat is that growing purchasing power of Brazilians’ attracts drug traffickers. The number of intercepted cocaine was tripled in the period from 2004 to 2009, and Brazilian consumption of this drug is a third of the whole South and Central America (Lissardi, 2012).
Brasil foods (BRF) is one of the largest processing companies in the global food market which was created in the result of merger between two companies, Perdigão and Sadia. BRF produces a wide range of finished and semi-finished products from beef, pork and poultry, margarines, pizzas, frozen vegetables,

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