Brand Awareness For The Men 's Clothing Department Essay

1047 Words Nov 15th, 2016 5 Pages
My marketing objective for my 2016-2017 lululemon athletica advertising campaign is to get more brand awareness for the men’s clothing department. This section of the brand tends to struggle more than the women’s department because as many women know, most men are stuck in their ways and most likely will not want to be associated themselves and what they wear with a brand that carries a feminine name. Also, lack of awareness is making the men’s department at lululemon athletica struggle. In my marketing strategies, I want to pinpoint how comfortable and casual athletica’s men clothing line is. My advertising objective for this campaign is to produce four advertisements focusing on men’s athletic wear within the brand and three of them being a part of traditional media. The three types of traditional media I will use in the campaign are: a television ad, a magazine ad, and a radio ad. The one non-traditional advertisement platform I will use is social media advertising. This campaign will have the hash tag #luluMEN attached to it to cluster all the social media posts of the campaign so that consumers can follow and stay updated with how the campaign is running. The theme of this advertising campaign will be manliness. I think the problem for most men who do not shop at lululemon athletica is that they don’t realize that there can be a manly look to the brand as well. First, I intend on switching the logo color from silver to neon yellow in the advertisements that I will…

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