Essay on Branch Inwarding Control Framework And Organizational Chart

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Branch Inwarding Control Framework/Organizational Chart

By Abhishek Nag

Branch Inwarding Control Framework/Organizational Chart

A Summer Internship Project Report for

Post-Graduate Programme Management

Abhishek Nag

Under the guidance of

Mr. Krishna Shesan Vinay Goyal
VP – CEO’s Office Assistant Professor

Branch Inwarding Control Framework

Understanding of the branch structure, Branch processes, Finding the differences between the corporate and retail financial and non-financial transaction and products at the branch level and how they are deviating from the standard operating procedures. Finding the various control points in the process flows of each transaction which are mandatory and needs to be followed which performing the transactions. Deviations in the processes has to be streamlined to serve the customer better and in a more efficient way which will lead to customer satisfaction and will bring in loyalty.

Organizational Chart
Building a database on the DNA of the bank for the tranche II requirement of RBI which will involve gathering information from all the business verticals for the TOP 3 level of staff with their head…

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