NDMA Receptor Encephalitis In Brain On Fire

In the book, Brain on Fire: My Month of Madness, by Susannah Cahalan, the author discusses her journey that she goes on dealing with NMDA Receptor Encephalitis. This small period in her life changed her entire way of living her life and thinking. Without one of the most excellent doctor’s in the world, Cahalan would not have been able to be cured, because of people’s lack of knowledge about her case. The amount of time in which her case was diagnosed was also significant in helping her recover. NDMA Receptor Encephalitis is a sporadic and fatal disease that needs to be recognized by the world, by learning more about what NDMA Receptor Encephalitis is, understanding symptoms, and knowing the process of recovery. NDMA …show more content…
If there is a tumor that is found in the brain, one can have surgery to remove it, which eliminates the entire disease most often. The operation is risky as all surgeries are, but it is the only hope to get rid of NDMA Receptor Encephalitis. After the surgery, one will “ receive at scar” (Cahalan 2011). , but it can be overlooked. Even though the tumor is removed, patients may seem to be declining rather than getting better. It is entirely rational for the patient to decrease rapidly before they begin to get better. They may still appear forgetful, clumsy, dazed, or unable to hold conversations. All of that is normal because the process takes time. In fact, it takes about two years for a person to gain their personality back and start to feel one- hundred percent, after the surgery. However, if the operation isn’t performed early in diagnosis, chances of recovering are slim. The sooner you remove the tumor and stop it from attacking the brain more, likely you will survive. Many doctor’s don’t realize this, and often it is too late. Patience, hope, and faith are the most important thing to have and believe in while dealing with this terrible

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