Bp Texas Case Study Essay

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Answer #1
As this case shows Human Rights violation BP, The company was lacking operational decisions, such as ensuring that safety standards are appropriate for employees; rather than pursuing additional profits and hiding behind a mask of public relations. Viewed from this perspective, ‘calculated casualties’ don’t provide the greatest amount of good; it simply highlights an unethical and ruthless pursuit of profits and hence environmental destruction and human deaths would widely be considered unethical.
Yes, the OSHA policies and rules are aimed at addressing problems that existed in BP texas. The problems continued for so many years because of the culture of BP. They were not serious about the safety of
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The communications people were the order takers instead of strategists. BP should consider to cut cost selectively and intelligently. Improve productivity through inter-net based safety improvement solutions.
Whenever companies are falling apart, or going through consistent trauma like BP they have problem in their HR capacity, HR agenda should be worthy of what the company deserves. The environment in BP was not positive, trusting and open, related to a proper safety culture.
The systematic management failure at BP were poor decision-making, culture and leadership.. The fault in culture, leadership and training led to the tragedy, and these could lead to similar disasters in any industry where to be long-lasting and severe. Coupled mistakes potential was with BP CEO John Browne's focus on numbers,he set the tone for the company, with shareholder value being the ultimate goal, often to the detriment of safety. He was a big-picture strategic leader with enormous talent, but I don't believe he gave sufficient time or attention to what it takes to truly run the company. The investigations concluded that numerous failings in equipment, risk management, safety management, working culture at the site, maintenance and inspection, and general health and safety assessments combined to cause the catastrophe. Communication was also one of the problems. As Trust is the top priority, People don't speak out when they worry about the

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