Boy Who Cried Wolf Essay

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The Boy Who Cried Wolf (Appropriation)
I was lying there still on the grass, the flock of sheep grazing next to me. My eyelids battered against my urges, resisting the need to sleep. I got up with the wind ruffling through my hair. I called "Dolly" to the nearest sheep. She came over and leaned in lovingly while I stroked its ear. Suddenly there was a rustle behind me. I turned around anxiously. To my horror I was staring eye to eye with a wolf. Its piercing blue eyes caused me to freeze, its neck white as snow. With two leaps it had reached me and in one quick move it pinned me to the ground. I tried to call for help, but I could only manage a weak gasp. Its eyes were filled with malice and intent while a tear rolled down my cheek. As it
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There was a noise behind me. I turned around afraid of what I was going to find. To my joy, there was sweet innocent Dolly. Out of the corner of my eyes I could see something chargi-
He is an innocent farm boy, a pale face no more than the age of twelve. His plump lips and rosy cheeks beckon to me, call out, yearning for me. His job is to guard the sheep at night, lucky me, my vision is clearer at night. I can see his every soft feature from the dirt on his collar bone all the way down to the rips in his dungarees, the smell of his sweat trickling down his back and seeing his frail eyelids batter resisting sleep. I came here primarily to eat the sheep as any normal wolf would do, but as soon as I saw him I was spell bound. I came here every night just to perch on the branches of the tree just to see this fascinating boy. Finally I saw him call "Dolly" to the sheep. I realised what I wanted. For him to call my name. He kept stroking the sheep's ear, he was teasing me, taunting me, daring me and I would accept it. Tonight he would call wolf. Within a moment of him seeing me, I was on top of him. His eyes were filled with terror and shock. I wondered what the liquid running down his face was. Finally I got what I wanted. He cried wolf. I heard the village wake. I quickly got off him and ran into the darkness. A villager came up the hill and started talking to him. They had a long boring conversation. At last the villager left. The boy was all alone.

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