Boundary Dominations : Dual Relationships Essay

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Boundary Dominations in Dual Relationships
Social work is a profession of justice and compassion where the development of dual or multiple relationships are established. Dual relationships are both influenced by the social worker and the client because of the different types of roles that can occur from business partner to sexual partner. Social workers should caution on developing a dual relationship with their clients because of the boundaries that can be crossed or violated. Boundary violations occur when social workers engage in dual relationships that are exploitative, manipulative, deceptive, or coercive, while boundary crossings are harmful when the dual relationship has negative consequences for the social worker’s client or colleague (Reamer, 2003). It’s important to uphold the standards of the NASW Code of Ethics in the social work profession for the client’s physical and mental state. Relationships are complex matters that vary between individuals and can become unpredictable at any given moment. Inappropriate dual relationships in social work should be strongly discouraged because of altruistic gestures, misinterpretations of behavior, and possible malpractice suits due to intimate relationships.
Summary of the Case Study
Angel Z. is a 17 year-old teenage girl whose environment has changed in the past four years. She’s recently been suspended from school for selling an illegal substance and failing grades as a result she’s been referred for counseling in school.…

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