Boundaries Between Cannabis And Drugs

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Critically explore the boundaries between drug users and drug dealers in the UK cannabis market.
This essay will look at the boundaries and relationships between cannabis users and the cannabis dealers within the UK. Firstly examining the legislation and the current policies that have been implemented to try and deal with the medical, physiological problems with cannabis. Secondly linking the legalisation and policies upon cannabis that have already been implemented throughout the United Kingdom, also looking to explore the medical experts and policy makers reasons for not changing the class category of cannabis. Many other countries throughout the world have different policies and legislation to deal with cannabis users and dealers. For
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However the UK has certain punishments for individuals caught with a certain amount of a particular illegal drug for their own personnel use. Moreover it is difficult to police psychoactive drugs as once a particular substance is made illegal, individuals will develop a new psychoactive substance in order to get around the law. Meaning that the police and the government are faced with an ongoing problem, that every time a legal high is made illegal and new substance will be made to replace the current banned substance. Surely one thing that the Police and Criminal Justice Service are harsh on is drug moguls who try to smuggle high quantities of illegal drugs through our brooders. Europe and the rest of the world issue a minimum of 14 years to an individual caught trafficking an illegal substances through their boarders. Within Europe it has been estimated that €34B is spent each year tackling the problem of illegal drugs: since this figure relates to 2005 it is likely that the current figure is significantly higher (EMCCDDA …show more content…
For example Amsterdam within the Netherlands has coffee shops that sell cannabis to users. However coffee shop owners are subject to strict regulations and rules. However it wasn’t until the 1970’s that the first serious discussion was raised about the issue involving cannabis. As especially as once again the issue of cannabis usage formed a cornerstone of these discussions, particularly as an unusual situation had developed in a corner of Copenhagen known as Free City of Christiania (C.Chatwin, 2011:123). Whilst this is just one example of the crisis that Denmark was facing in the 1970s, many other countries throughout the world still have different attitudes towards cannabis usage. In America, Washington and Colorado have legalised the usage and selling cannabis usage. Colorado has made history by becoming the first establishment in the US to be granted a licence to sell recreational marijuana (accessed 19/11/14). However that does not mean that, although recreational usage of cannabis is deemed fine by society in certain parts of the world, there is no evidence to suggest that they are not having to deal with the consequences of the result of psychoactive

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