Boundaries And Housing By Jack & Jill Childrens Center Essay

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Boundaries and Housing
The community site is called Jack & Jill Children 's Center. It is located at Fort Lauderdale, FL, and the name of the community is Dorse Riverbend. The name is displayed at NW 15 Avenue with West Broward Blvd. The boundaries of the neighborhood are West Broward Blvd to the South, NW 6th St to the North, Powerline Rd to the East, and i95 to the West. Also, the North Fork New River and the railroad to the West side was another boundary.
The houses in the community are a blend of single-family home with multi-family. Generally old constructions, however in decent state. Most of the houses were in similar condition, well kept, painted, and some of them had fences around the house. The approximate lot size is 6,000 sqft. There were a few houses for rent and for sale. The community shows sign of improvements. Some of the intersections were improved with trees, well kept lawn. The community does not show signs of decay, even though there are few houses without maintenance. The streets are clean and well kept. No signs of abandoned cars, poor drainage, and diseases vectors areas noticed.
Parks and Stores
The Carter Park, located up north of the community that offers numerous amenities as basketball courts, grill, gymnasium, open play area, picnic area, pool and water playground, tennis courts, and walking/jogging trail (City of Fort Lauderdale, 2015). The park opens to the community and opens seven days a week. Grocery stores and neighborhood stores…

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