Bottled Water Is Better Than Water For Many Ways Essay

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Have you ever been camping? Miles away from home, the sounds of the wilderness and the smell of fresh pinecones. What are thing first things you grab on this journey into the wild? Among most items bottled water is an essential key to bring into the forest. It can be used for a variety of things and has a lot of positives. I believe bottled water is better than tap water for various reasons. Bottled water is easy to access, convenient, safer, Eco-friendly, and also international.
Bottled water is convenient in many ways. According to Krista Sheenan, Healthy eating “Bottled water can be easily tossed in your purse or workout bag, and it provides a more spill-proof option than traditional cups when working at your desk.” It being spliff-proof makes it easier for travel and to contain. Hurricane and other natrual disasters areas heavily rely on bottle water for emergency use. “Early results show that bottled water sales increase modestly, around 5 to 15 percent, in coastal areas as hurricanes approach. The researchers found sharper increases, up to 135 percent, in bottled water sales across affected communities after hurricane landfalls” taken from Jay shimshack and the UVA Today. If you include sporting events, birthdays, workouts, meals , disasters bottle water is used in many different scenarios thus alluding to how conveinent it is.
Internationally bottle water is well known and embarced across the globe. “According to a 2001 World Wildlife Fund survey, individuals…

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