Bottled Water And The Water Essays

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In society today, many people believe that bottled water is healthier for you than tap water. Even though the water is purified before it is bottled and shipped all over the nation, does this make the water in the bottle cleaner than the water that comes from the tap? The purification of bottled water often sounds healthier because it is said to take out the dangerous chemicals that can be found in tap water. However, when tested some cannot tell the difference between tap water and the purified bottled water. The benefits of bottled water do not outweigh the costs because it is not more nutritious than tap water, the amount of waste produced from water negatively affects the environment and it costs more money when compared to tap water.
Less than fifty years ago, buying and selling bottled water was uncommon in the United States, but bottled water has been around since the 1760s. The production of bottled water became easy to produce and sell at large amounts because of a new glass technology found during the nineteenth century. In the mid-1800s, the production of bottled water reached one of its peaks because bottle industries were producing up to seven million water bottles a year (“Great Lakes Law”). The production of water fluctuates do with the demand of society, and bottled water began to fade out in the early 1900s and did not make a comeback till the end of the nineteenth century. The comeback of bottled water is credited to Perrier, a soon to be international…

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