Personal Narrative: A Day At The Boston Marathon

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It was a normal, spring morning, in the eastern part of Massachusetts; Boston, Massachusetts, home of the annual Boston Marathon. Thousands of people were getting ready for the run, devoted to the sport and excited to get started. Justin Jones was getting ready to run his 1st ever marathon. He has been training for this for almost a year, and his wife was preparing him. Eating healthy, running his first ever 10k in March, only a month before the worst day of his life, April 15, 2013.
Officer Collier was a young, new, officer getting ready for his first ever duty, he would be working security at the Boston Marathon. He had been training for this day, just like Justin. It was going to be a very special day for the both of them.
“Bye, Honey. I will see you later.” Officer Collier said to his girlfriend
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He just went on with his job because he knew he was overthinking it, or was he?
Hours passed.
The time read: 10:20 pm. Officer Collier was very tired and just wanted to go home, but he had to stay and watch the parking lot for another hour and a half. Around 10:23, Officer Collier had noticed 2 guys pull up with something in their hands. He first thought that these guys must be the disturbance culprits. He was waiting until the men got closer to finally identify them as the Boston bombers. Their facial structure, and the white nike hat that the younger brother was wearing, Officer Collier knew that they were the men. He was about to pull out his walkie talkie when he noticed the two men were approaching him with a Ruger pistol. They were instructing him not to move, so for the sake of his life, he did not move. They started to argue about something.
“لا سأفعل ذلك”(“No, I will do it”) one of them bickered.
“حسنا حسنا” (Ok, Ok).” the other one responded.
He pointed the gun directly towards Officer Collier.
“No, No, please don-” Officer Collier

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