Personal Narrative: The Horrific Event On Boylston Street

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The horrific event on Boylston Street changed the lives of many in only 12 seconds on April 15th, 2013. People crossing the finish line were very lucky. It was the 117th running of the Boston Marathon, the one that changed lives inside and outside. It was no different for Josh.

Everyone watches as I cross the finish line with the time of 2 hours, 10 minutes and 22 seconds. My long legs were blown out after running the 26 miles 385 yards. I walked slowly over to the tent for food and rest after I completed the race.

At the time of 2:49 in the afternoon I was resting under the tent as two bombs were placed about 210 yards away ready to detonate any second. The first bomb exploded near the finish line, then less than 12 seconds later the other bomb exploded only 210 yards away. These bombs made a gory mess throughout the last 210 yards of the race. Both bombs killed 3 people and injured about 260 people and luckily only 16 people had limbs amputated. Thankfully I was not injured in this tragedy.
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They said the government released a search for the people who made the Boston Marathon Bombing. They had an idea for the people who had committed the large crime. They thought it was the Tsarnaev brothers. A man later reported he had his car stolen by the brothers and was held hostage by the brothers. After he was let go from being a hostage he called 911. Later that night a shoot-out broke out, bullets were repeatedly shot. An officer tackled one brother named Tamerlan, just after that his other brother jumped in the car and drove over his brother while trying to hurt the officer. Dzhokhar the other brother drove away and left his severely hurt brother on the road to die. Later Tamerlan was pronounced dead after doctors could not save him. There was only one officer immensely hurt after the

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