Boston Duck Tours : The Expectancy Theory Essay examples

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There are countless theories on how an individual should motivate their employees. But that is what they are just theories until an individual actually puts them to use. The business that is being looked at in this case study is Boston Duck Tours. Boston Duck Tours was founded in 1994 by Andrew Willson. He is most known for his un orcadoxed strategy for running this business. But enough with the formalities let 's dive in and see how similar his motivating practices goes along with the Expectancy Theory of Victor H. Vroom. The Expectancy Theory basically states that high level of motivation is ever present when high levels of effort directly relate to a high level of performance and that a high level of performance leads to the attainment of desired outcomes. This can be seen in the atmosphere that is ever present with the conductors and staff. The staff have the expectancy that they must provide a certain atmosphere that tourists keep coming back for. This goes directly into the instrumentality where their performance, and knowledge is put to the test in every tour. This leads to the valance that the employee beliefs they are receiving the right outcomes for their effort, and performance. Another theory that is a little more basic is the Need Theory. The first Need Theory I will be going over is the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. In this theory it state that there are five levels of needs that everybody aims to obtain in their lives. Though it is set up like a ladder where…

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