Stanley Milgram The Peril Of Obedience Analysis

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In this article “The Peril of Obedience” Stanley Milgram conducted a series of experiments to determine if people would choose to follow authority or obey their morals. In this series of experiments the experimenter Stanley Milgram found a few contributors to test out his theory. Before he started his experiment he had to pick a teacher and a student, who each got a piece of paper to decide which one is going to give the shocks and which one was going to take the shocks. The learner was strapped up to an electric chair while the teacher would be on the other side talking through a microphone providing word pairs.

The teacher would tell the student a list of words, then the learner read back the list of words and if the student got the word
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The experimenter insisted that the teacher continue the test, but the teacher wouldn’t budge, he would say that they shouldn’t continue;firmly the experimenter keeps telling the teacher to move on until he has learned all the words. What the teacher doesn’t know is that the learner is not even getting an electrical shock. The learner is making up all the yelling and faking the pain he’s in just to see how the teacher would act when he shocked …show more content…
They tried not to touch the switch that much when it was their turn.
Towards the end of the experiment they were talking about what kind of people they like, they like people who fulfill their duty and who listen to authority. For Instance, doesn’t talk back when they are told to do something they don’t want to do, the kind that is just doing their job, minding their own business not asking a lot of suspicious questions. One thing about the Stanley Milgram experiment is that he never punished the teacher if he refused to go on with the test, he never threatened him or his family to finish the test, he never said that they would go to jail or lose things they

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