Essay on Bose Case Study

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Supply Chain Management at BOSE Corporation

Objective: To analyze and review the current state of the Bose Corporation’s supply chain strategies. To ultimately identify the benefits, risks and overall practicality of the Bose Corporation fully implementing both their own new and unique EDI system and just-in-time system known as JIT II.

Executive Summary: This report provides an analysis and evaluation of the current and future status of the Bose Corporation supply management system. This report finds that, behind the success of their recent technological advancements (EDI and JIT II systems), the Bose Corporation is currently trending in a very positive upward direction. Recommendations discussed include: the furthering
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A company with such a diverse yet effective supply chain network must have a very regimented and ongoing approach to strategy development. Just like their approach on products, the never-ending research, learning and hunger to improve is the core of their strategy development as well; “Where are they currently? Where do they want to be? What have they learned thus far? How do they use that knowledge to grow, innovate and achieve their new goals?”
Once the strategy has been re-visited, re-worked and improved, one of the next big points of emphasis Bose explores are their suppliers; “Whom do they want to buy from? How many sources do they want/need? How can they rate/rank their performances?” etc. Supplier performance measurement is at the forefront of this next stage. It needs to directly tie in with the organizations strategic goal because of its importance to the company’s success. The fact that Bose strives to further implement the use of JIT and single source suppliers to lower costs, lead times and inventory, amongst other things, is the reason why it is crucial for Bose to make sure they select suppliers that can fulfill their high quality standards. But quality isn’t the only thing that can be taken into consideration; the suppliers must have the capacity to stay up to date with order quantities and be very agile and responsive as well. A lot of Bose’s success as a company comes directly from its

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