Borrowing Theory

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Borrowed Theory on Hand Washing

Introduction Nursing profession is among the few professions that require knowledge advancement in order to achieve objectives of the set goals. In the world of nursing, new things develop constantly. Borrowing knowledge to develop whatever one purpose, helps simply because the individual gets the direction on what to do about it. Some professionals argue that borrowing theories in order to develop knowledge in nursing is not ethical, although this is not the case. Borrowing theories gives nurses a stand point on where they base their arguments on any given situation. This assists nurses in developing some arguments on what might be the cause and also some measures that need to be taken. Below will show
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This will aid in developing some strategies on how to approach given situations, therefore developing some reasoning on achieving measures in any aspect. Nursing models are importance simply because they help in framing responses on given situations. Professionals who want to handle some issues on a given setup should borrow ideas from nursing models thus borrowing theories in nursing help in advancing knowledge that is required in solving nursing problems. Although borrowing theories so as to develop knowledge on a given situation may seem difficult and challenging, when borrowed on the right time and in the right place, nursing professionals manage to get some point of developing their arguments, (McKenna & Slevin, …show more content…
This implies that nurses should use the appropriate nursing model in order to provide health care to the patient. Borrowed theories help in advancing nursing knowledge so as to help handle patients in a manner that they receive the right service. Multiple nursing models should be used and integrated so as to develop a specific direction on how to solve problems in healthcare. Use of a single model does not provide sufficient skills in developing sound decisions thus practitioners in nursing healthcare should ensure that relevant information has been gathered irrespective of its

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