Essay on Born Gay?

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Born Gay? In the first grade, Zoey’s mom chopped her daughter’s hair short, and the next day at lunch the other kids in her class ripped her apart with nasty comments. There were two tables to sit at during lunch hour, a girls’ and a boys’ table. To be really honest with herself, Zoey wasn 't certain where to sit. The other kids named her a boy; therefore, was she a boy? Obviously Zoey was a girl, but the trauma from the first grade haunted her forever. Flash forward 10 years: Zoey is 16 years old and is afflicted by sexual interest in girls. The nature of Zoey is female, but on account of the way she was nurtured, she’s confused about her sexuality. Individuals are not born gay but are nurtured in such way like trauma, abuse and neglect that impact their lives, which leaves them with no choice. Neglect: failure to take care of properly. The difference of neglecting a favorite shirt to neglecting a person is jurassic. When someone is neglected, they undergo loneliness or strange. For example, if a married couple has 4 boys and they try for a girl, but have a son, those parents might under the radar, neglect the son of the result they wanted a girl. No, I 'm not meaning they refuse to love, take care of or be a parent to their new son, but the son will always know his parents wanted a girl. In short, he might start to want to be the girl his parents always wanted and he gets caught in wondering about his sexuality towards males. There are other extreme situations to this,…

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