Moonshadow Summary

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Dragonwings is about a boy named Moonshadow who wants to know about a place called the Golden Mountains, but every time he asked his mom she would make up and excuse. In the book it said that she would say that “the pigs were eating the wrong garbage” Then one day Moonshadows cousin Hand Clap came to his house and said that Moonshadow was going to to the company with Hand Clap. So Moonshadow told his family that he was going to America with with Hand Clap. Moonshadows mom told him that the white demons would beat him up and kill him. When they left they headed for America to see his father and work there. Moonshadow had to see what they did in America. After they had dinner in there company. After they had dinner they heard something break …show more content…
When he comes home he would get leftovers then help his father with his chores by dropping off the dirty clothes and give them there clean ones. When he is done Moonshadow goes to bed and gets ready to start the next day. Moonshadow and his family were fighting because they need money to get out of the company. Then Black Dog wake supp and makes a promise to Moonshadow. Hand Clap told him that Black Dog made a promise to him too. He told him that he would work hard to help the company. One day Moonshadow took some rounds and found that Black Dog was following him. Then Moonshadow asked him what he was doing. Black Dog said that he needed some fresh air. So Moonshadow and Black Dog walked side by side, but then it started to rain. Black Dog asked if he hated it here, but when he said that White Deer said that it is a word of evil. Moonshadow and his father went to the Whitlaws house. When they got there Ms. Whitelaw had a plate of cookies and a glass of milk. Moonshadow ate a lot of the cookies and looked like a pig. After she showed them a picture of the niagara falls when Moonshadow saw it he gasped. Moonshadow would get up and make a fire and wait until White Deer wakes

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