Book Review of Helping the Noncompliant Child Essay

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Debra Langer
HBSK 4073
Book Review

McMahon, R.J. & Forehand, R.L. (2003). Helping the noncompliant child: family-based treatment for oppositional behavior. New York: The Guilford Press.


The purpose of this book is to provide a detailed description of the empirically validated Helping the Non-Compliant Child (HNC) program – a program created to help parents improve their children’s (ages 3-8) noncompliant and oppositional behavior.

Chapter 1 provides background information on noncompliance by discussing the role of compliance and noncompliance in normal development and by highlighting the role of noncompliance in the development of conduct problems early in life. The authors stress that current research
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Chapter 7 explains the Phase II skills involved in “compliance training” -- the clear instructions sequence and standing rules. The consequence for failing to attend to a clear instruction in a timely manner is a time out. The chapter includes numerous parent record sheets to support the parents as they practice the techniques at home. After the parent has met the behavioral criteria for Phase II, has been successfully employing the clear instructions sequence and standing rules in the home and has been able to implement both Phase I and Phase II skills outside the home, termination of the program is appropriate.

Chapter 8 describes four sets of adjunctive interventions developed by the authors to enhance the effectiveness and generalization of the treatment effects. Chapter 9 explains how the HNC program can be adapted for special populations. Finally, Chapter 10 presents a review of the research and testing of the HNC program. Four distinct appendices contain numerous parent handouts and record sheets, various assessment measures, and one adjunctive intervention.


In the preface, the authors explain that they wrote this edition in order to try to incorporate all of the information that they have learned in the

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