Book Review : Negotiating Ethical Practice Essay

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Book Review: Negotiating Ethical Practice in Adult Education

Elizabeth J. Burge has compiled articles related to ethical practice in adult education. The compilation begins with the philosophical attributes of ethical thinking and design. It continues with a literature review of ethics. There are four entries of applied ethics in adult education. Finally, there is a reflection on the nature of the four application entries. In Burge’s final thoughts, she discusses her beliefs on ethical practice. In this way, she draws all of the writings together to produce a conclusion regarding the dynamic, contextual nature of ethics in adult education.
Book Review
Burge begins her compilation with an article regarding the philosophical inquiry of the nature of ethics, giving credence to meta-ethics. This foundational theory requires critical inquiry into how we think about ethics. Author Anthony Weston, states that in most decisions there are no real answers, only unclear problems, but the task is to explore and reflect on individual value systems (Weston, 2009). Ultimately, the idea is to collaboratively investigate and dialogue about the problem at hand, without necessarily having to come to a resolution. Most questions arise when utilitarianism is juxtaposed with individual rights (Weston, 2009).
In chapter 2, Thomas Sork provides a literature review of the application of ethics in regard to adult continuing education literature, specifically education, marketing,…

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