Book Review : ' A Welcome Back Dylan ' Essay

1370 Words Feb 18th, 2016 null Page
"Welcome back Dylan," Mrs Blake smiled before quickly turning her attention back to the board.

Two weeks since the funeral, three weeks since the crash and two days since I was released from the hospital and now everything 's back to normal. Except the fact the seat next to mine was empty. I pulled the hood of my black hoodie over my head and my arm over my face and stared out of the window.

"Fugly," someone whispered behind me, their words pricking my skin again and again. "What the hell is a murderer doing back in school?"

I breathed hard and let my eyes glaze over. I waited until my heartbeat went back to normal before clenching my fists. I didn 't really care about them so why couldn 't they leave me the fuck alone. I looked out the window to see someone standing by my blue jeep, kneeling on the floor and tapping the ground beside it. Angrily, I stood up.

"Dylan sit down,"

I pulled my hood down lower and strung my bag onto my back before rushing out of the room. The jeep was the only thing that both Tyler and I treasured. All the memories we had were in there, why couldn 't everyone just leave me alone? I rushed through the empty corridor, my legs still sore and my head still throbbing. I reached the entrance and saw an unfamiliar girl still tapping near my car, her head practically under it. Pulling my hood down even louder I shouted
"What the hell are you doing?"
I rushed over to see she was staring up but not looking at me.

"Whose there?" she whispered waving…

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