Book Report On The Book And After Reading It Essay example

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This book was truly a fascinating read. It gave me some perspectives that I have never really thought about before. I believe the author is trying to tell us in the writing, that it is okay to do business and to strive to achieve in life. It is not a sin to better yourself or to hope that one day your children will be better off than you yourself. The message that I receive load and clear was that if what we do comes from a good heart and the desire to Glorify God then are actions are good. Repeatedly the author mentions that the act is not evil but what we do with that action. For example, it is okay to make a profit but the method at which we make that profit or the people we do business with determines if our actions are good or bad. I have agreed with just about the entire book and after reading it, I myself felt a little about some topics that I have been struggling with. First, let’s discuss one very important topic and one I found myself changing my opinion on once the chapter was finished. Never, have I thought about God giving us an internal desire to own things or to want things. I have always been told that wanting material things and possessions was wrong and that I should not desire materialistic things.
However, Wheaton’s explanation about how God has instilled in us the desire to imitate God and be good stewards. I never really considered being a good steward as doing well for myself and being able to provide a better life for myself and family. For many…

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