Argument Essay: When Money Speaks Truth Remains Silent

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When Money Speaks Truth Remains Silent

Money has become the ultimate god in the present situation of the world. The whole world is revolving around money and to live in this world money is the most important thing. Man has created the money but now man has become the slave of money. For money he can do anything, either it is right or wrong. Therefore man’s spirit has not only been debilitated but completely shattered. Money is not only the name of currency in fact it is the name of all those facilities that gives man a pleasure, enjoyment and peace. Everything is preoccupied with money; there is nothing that money can’t buy. This supremeness of money has made the world materialistic where the values like honesty and truth have no place and
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The supremacy and influence of money always have an upper hand in the present scenario of our country. A phrase “give and take of bribe is sinful” is written outside the courts, but inside the courts advocates, readers, tippers, everyone is taking bribe openly and in order to get their work done people are constrained in bribery. Even the witnesses presented in the court are being paid for testifying. That is how the money speaks and shut the doors for the truth and this is the harsh reality of present scenario that makes accused person blameless and the innocent becomes shamefaced. As Amarjeet says, “People forgive you when lies are told and hate you when the truth is …show more content…
People are selling their spirits and truth for the sake of few coins. The politicians, ministers, journalists, officers, everyone is in the business of selling and therefore becoming more rich and powerful day by day. Currently the newspapers are filled with ads and commercials of different products rather than news and informational articles. The news which has some truth about the big politicians or some other famed personalities will never get published, and even if someone tries to speak truth he himself considered as liar and criminal. The president of London has paid the challan of fifty dollars just because he hasn’t clean the snow from front of his house but in our country leaders don’t even pay the taxes. They used to make themselves clear from all kind of the illegal activities and crimes even if they are part of it. If someone like Kamran Faisal shows some courage to speak against them, they sent his truth to the graveyard and make a tomb of their power and money on it. Truth rests in silence because money is the only authority in today’s world. We are breathing on this earth but we are destined to avoid all such

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