Book Report Of Holes By Louis Sachar

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In the book holes, by Louis Sachar, Stanley Yelnats and his family are curse with bad because his great-great-grandfather and is sent to camp green lake for punishment, for a crime that he did not do. At this camp Stanley is forced to dig holes in the hot sun. Moving along in the story Stanley gets to know the other boys at the camp but he becomes great friends with one in particular. They become very close and they both run away from the camp. After they run away the set out to what they call gods thumb. On their journey up the mountain something happens the breaks the curse on Stanley’s family forever and reunites Stanley’s friend with his mom who he has not seen in many years

The setting of the story takes place mainly in the 20th century but flashes back the early 1800s. The stories. The flashbacks explain why things were happening during the present time in the movie. The flashbacks also foreshadowed what would happen next. The setting in the early 1800s was a small town with a big lake. The setting for the 20th century cam green lake was an abandon town with nothing but desert for 100 miles.
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The way Stanley and zero played the friendship role shows how having a good friendship can cause people to change for the better. For example, before Stanley came to camp green lake zero would not talk to anyone. Now zero expresses all his feelings to Stanley. People also become happier when in a good

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