Bombs And Eagle Essay

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Bombs & Eagles
Containment is the action of keeping something harmful under control, a policy that prevents expansion of a hostile country being influenced. In 1950, the U.S did just that towards Southeast Asian countries, especially in Korea, Vietnam and Cambodia. Geographically the countries were located next and under China and Russia, therefore it was not wrong to stay cautious and be concerned of the “sphere of communism” spreading into the countries like a domino effect. However, during the Vietnam War, Korean War and Operation Menu the U.S did use bombs as their ultimate weapon in the battle of “hearts and mind". Through these actions, the U.S. was not consistent with freedom, as well as democracy. Maintaining the containment to these
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While trying to win the heart of Vietnamese people, the U.S failed to show its ethics as a well represented country when U.S decided to support the Southern Vietnamese by using African Americans as armed soldiers to send support in Vietnam. By spraying toxic and dropping the napalm of to the North known widely as Agent Orange, this created a devastated aftermath of diseases implanted in the soil of the living civilians around the Northern area. Furthermore, it broke the US’s promise to provide aid and arms for the South Vietnam during Vietnamization policy. Domestically, in the U.S around 1960s, the U.S create a Student for Democracy and Free Speech Movement that eventually spread across campus around the regions. With a lot of effort, thoughts and hard work, the students starts to oppose the U.S actions in Vietnam, unfortunately the U.S resist the action and brought the whole nation to division between the Hawks (Pro-war) and Doves (Anti-war). Looks like the division within the country didn 't help the situation in Vietnam any better it made Americans look worse, although it 's not an action the the U.S government worked for, however it 's still an unconformity mindset that made the U.S looked weak and unconcentrated to the situation in Vietnam especially in front of Russia. Therefore the democracy value is incorrectly applied to …show more content…
In 1969, the U.S would decide to drop another numerous bomb onto the the neighbor country in secret that only declassified in the year 2000 by President Bill Clinton, the policy called Operation Menu. The purpose of this operation was to destroy the Viet Cong bases hidden in the forest down in Cambodian jungles. Since this operation would be the end of containing Communism in Southeast Asian countries, he therefore kept this in secrecy. It 's understandable, for why the U.S would keep such huge secret against the the Americans civilians, however, if they 're mad, there 's definitely a reason behind it, since this operation ended with 150,000 Cambodians and deforestations, down in the southeast of Cambodia and borderline of Vietnam. As a civilian of the country, the people deserve the right to have a political and social freedom and equality, and not knowing the operation happened in this era violated the Freedom as the U.S actions keeps going on. This operation going on without letting Cambodia unknown the consequences happened in its own country did not show the value of democratic and freedom as the government deserve to

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