Boeing Of Boeing 's Brand Value Essay

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Boeing is known for their ability to produce a range of planes that covers most market niches. Boeing’s brand value is an intangible asset and is one of the company’s biggest strengths. Boeing is regarded for their quality and ever advancing technological advancements which helps establish relationships with customers and suppliers to meet demand. Proof in this statement is the 787-8 model which has progressed to the 787-9 model. The 787-9 and are larger aircrafts and can travel longer distances as opposed to the 787-8 (, 2014). By continuing developing products to meet customer demand, Boeing has a large market share in the market, boasting 43% in the commercial airplane deliveries according to Forbes (2016). This is another strength of Boeing as the company has a strong presence in both domestic and international markets for commercial airline deliveries. For Boeing, the 787 model in particular has been established as a weakness in regards to significant draining of cash from previous estimated earnings. According to the Market Realist (2015), this is due to production delays, cost overruns and technical problems. Currently, the 787 is yet to generate a positive cash flow. The main reason for these production delays is due to Boeing increasing their outsourcing. The 787 Dreamliner was divided into a three-tiered outsourcing structure in which Boeing discovered that manufacturers did not have the capability to meet Boeing’s technological standard. As a company,…

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