Essay on Boeing 787 Dreamliner Network Security

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Boeing 787 Dreamliner Network Security

Stephen Connolly

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Boeing 787 Dreamliner Network Security

In 2008 Boeing had made all sorts of headlines in the media, due to some new technological developments in their newly designed 787 Dreamliner. These headlines that splashed across websites were initially brought about due to a FAA “special conditions” report. This topic of this report first appeared in Flight International, and then a few days later it gathered momentum in a critical follow up from Wired Magazine. According to Wired (2008), the FAA states “Boeing’s new 787 may be vulnerable to hacker attack”. All of this has come about due to the new design features of the 787. Whilst designing
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Even though in 2012, two Cambridge experts laid claim that they had found a backdoor into one of the computers chips being used in the 787, (Boeing denied these claims the next day these reports were issued) I personally feel that the media had really twisted the situation into another scare tactic, which seems to be one of the driving forces today in order to push headlines. For example, Fox News’ headline in 2008, How to Hack Into a Boeing 787. They discuss numerous ways that it may be possible, but in no way are they able to state that it is possible. Following up from the Cambridge experts report, Fox 2 Now (2013) then wants to know Could Terrorist Bring Down Planes By Hacking Them? Being a pilot, I am an aviation enthusiast. I embrace new developments and technological advancements that aircraft designers wish to implement and use to create some amazing aircraft. Even to be able to achieve some of my research work for my online education I have had to use the availability of Internet access on airlines whilst traveling. So I can only thank them for all the work they have done. However, I do understand that security is something that has to be thought of strongly, as I obviously know all too well the importance of safety. Like everything else in our world, technologies keep advancing and changing, and

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