Bodybuilding Marketing Plan

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Personal Marketing Plan
Unique product benefit:
I am Rucao Wang, come from China. I study in America now and I can speak Chinese and English. I love sports and building, especially bodybuilding. I have been taken bodybuilding about 3 years. I want to be a personal trainer and I have the personal trainer certification. My major is marketing and I am good at communicating with customers. Last year, I taught five friends how to taking bodybuilding and how to keep fit. They considered I am a good personal trainer. My strength is positivity, maximize, arranger, strategic and communication according to the Gall Up questionnaire.
I will be a good personal trainer in your gym. My major is marketing, and I master the skill how to
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In geographic segmentation, I will divide the market according to their countries or cities: people come from China and not; or people live in Lincoln, Nebraska or not. I use the other way to divide the market, psychographic segmentation. I will divide the market according to their experience and interest in bodybuilding.
• Target:
I am a personal trainer to teach people about bodybuilding. I will teach them how to take bodybuilding and how to maintain their fit. My customers are students, who come from China, and they are interested in bodybuilding. I seek my employer is the university’s recreation center in Lincoln.
My SWOT Analysis:
• My strengths:
I can speak Chinese and most of personal trainers in Lincoln cannot speak Chinese. Chinese students want to have a native speaker to teach them. It is convenient for them to ask some questions because they will meet unfamiliar words.
I am a current student and it means I can be easily to communicate with my student
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Compared with them, I can speak Chinese.
• My threats:
I am a foreigner and I do not have the Green Card. If in the future, the US immigration policy changes and makes it harder for foreign nationals to be employed.
My marketing mix:
• Product: Many Chinese students need a personal trainer that can speak Chinese, and I can satisfy their needs.
• Price: I consider about $40 an hour because the average hourly rate for a personal trainer is $60-$70 per session. I do not have enough experience, so I think this price is available (
• Place: I will focus on the university’s recreation center. I am a current university student, so my first choice is want to work in my university. I will get the application form and apply to the personal trainer job.
• Promotion:
First, I will show my certificated credential to my employers; then I give my comments that my students wrote to my employers. It can let employers convince I could attract the customers and satisfy their needs.

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