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Body Image
Struggling with body image, fighting off obesity, and being healthy is a struggle we all know of, or have encountered personally. Here in America the crisis of having Obese adults has spread to having obese children. Obesity is a problem by itself, but in our world today we are exposed to social media sites that constantly talk about the “Ideal Body” or what one should look like. One of the biggest obstacles we have to face throughout our lives is dealing with body image and obesity, but while we have to face up to society’s way of categorizing us by telling us what we should look like we are also exposed to the harsh truth of what being Obese means for us.
Susan Levine and Rob Stein have brought the attention of Obesity in their
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This is what Douglas Quenqua tries to explain in his article “Muscular Body Image Lures Boys Into Gym, and Obsession” Although this article mainly focuses on the effects of male’s exposure to society’s idea of body image, it also includes the effect on females that are similar to those of males. A Physical Education teacher, Peter Rivera, was interviewed in the article and helps explain the effects on young boys with the idea of body image. “Some boys want to be stronger for sports, but others “want to change their body type”” Rivera explains. It is the exposure to celebrities with an ideal body type that encourages and pushes young men to try to change their bodies, and to push their bodies to a capacity it isn’t ready for. It is also shown by a Alonso Huizar a 16 year old, that he admires Cristiano Ronaldo who is a famous soccer player, and the bodies he has that Alonso wishes he had himself. The exposure to society’s idea of having the “Perfect Body” is crucial, especially when it starts to affect adolescents. It’s shown in the article that at least “40 percent of boys in middle and high school said they regularly exercised with the goal of increasing muscle mass. Thirty-eight percent said they used protein supplements, and nearly 6 percent said they had experimented with steroids.” When we get statistics that show boys in middle school and high school have …show more content…
Protein Supplements, Gym Memberships, and Steroids all come with a price tag, but how far will someone push themselves to achieve the “Perfect body”. In our society today we are told that being “Fat” is unhealthy and unattractive. This pushes us to come to solutions that aren’t always healthy for use both mentally and physically. Our society questions us to wanting to be comfortable to in our own bodies, but also into keeping it in a healthy shape. Sadly enough, this is what most Elementary to College adolescents have to face up to and work past. It isn’t easy to overcome being put into the“Unhealthy” category in itself, but when you’re put into that category as young as an Elementary child, it’s almost impossible to pass through it.
Being Healthy is not easy to achieve or maintain. A healthy living style is a battle that many of us lose, or win. Society should not have the ability to change what we think of ourselves or how we see ourselves. There is a difference with being comfortable in your own body and knowing you are unhealthy. It is up to ourselves to know the difference, and it is up to us to change

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