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Bob Dylan, one of American music’s most influential musician. He is considered to be the major poet of the rock and roll era and pre-eminent singer/songwriter of modern times. Dylan has demonstrated to posses the unique ability to affect his listeners with his thoughtful and mature lyrics. Dylan showed interest in music from a young age, he learned the piano and harmonica by the age of 10 and had taught himself to play the guitar. Growing up Bob Dylan developed a strong appreciation for traditional folk, country, and rock and roll. He had grown up listening to everyone from Roy Orbison and Chuck Berry to Hank Williams and Woody Guthrie, who would later become a great influence in his life and his mentor.
Woody Guthrie was an American singer-songwriter
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Woody Guthrie is someone who Dylan admired, looked up to, and who had a special place in his heart. Had a large influence on his style of writing and the topics he chose to address with his lyrics. Guthrie wasn’t the only artist who inspired Dylan’s work. Cisco, Sonny, and Lead Belly, who have all passed away, also affected his work. Cisco Houston was a folksinger, who sang ballads, railroad songs, union songs, and sang of heroes and villains and hobos and killers. Sonny Terry was an initial bluesman who crossed over into folk. Lead Belly was folk-blues singer, songwriter and guitarist. In Song to Woody Dylan has a line that says “Here's to Cisco and Sonny and Lead Belly, too.”, here he is referencing three artists who had an impact and or influence on the world. Dylan greatly admired each of the artists’ work. All four had a similar sense of writing, whether it was in the genre or the topic they chose to discuss with their …show more content…
The death of Guthrie was considered to be a historic moment for many people. Allowing Song to Woody to be connected to this historic event. The song is relatable for many people who where not only fans of Woody Guthrie but any artist who can be connected to the lyrics of the song. The line “That come with the dust and are gone with the wind,” can be interpreted as having to do with living and dying. It can refer to how we all arrive and are present in the time, living, breathing, and starting a journey, but then with the same wind that brought us to the start will take us away and we will be

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